The one that got away

Zeels, Me, Fana,Sid,Shim,Luqman and Sofea

Finally, I begin to write something again..
I went to Majlis Babah last friday....
The last day I saw him...
Meeting few seniors that already flew off to the US but some of them still waiting for their date to go...

If I get the chance to go there..ohhhh soooo cool
Mara why chose Aussiee?????
Be Grateful!

Okay today
Sid will waiting for his departure at night if I'm nt mistaken
Don't be sad yaa zeels
keep your grief and tears in your heart

He's going to Minnesota
Hahaha Usher just im me last night
he arrived in Pennsylvania,PA
He said, the place looks soo kampung hahaaha....

Shim..just made a jest...
He's sooooooooo moron
Hahaha jahatnye aku
p/s: sorry you :)

I just finished reading the Toni Morrison
Actually I did'nt get the message from the book....
The Bluest eye

Sid,Iman and Usher


it was fun and really best
I can opened the feast with my ex schoolmates and classmates
Atira azila, addawiyah and sofea
sadly where is Faris...
Ish bole travel pulak
Okay tomorrow we need to have the buka puasa with Ms, Nash but
I'm nt going huhuhu:(
okay i wanna sleep babai

Fifth Sawm

A lot of ilmu that I acquired today
Okay done with selecting the topic of research paper
and I'm going to work it out with my class president

It was a tiring day
The best part was Jimmy told the class : okay Account cancel today
but of course we have the replacement class for four hours next week.
Then, I finished my reaction paper
I really arrange the sentence deliberately to have the great piece of writing
not much better than others
and I'm trying
I read about Matt and Christy in the chicken Soup
Christy was petite and she is the sister of Matt who involved in drugs
But, the story is mainly to show how the bond of siblings cannot be separated as slashing the water even though they are gone

Second Ramadhan

It has been a while
I did not write any entries
Idk suddenly I wanna talk about this senior
His name is Reezal Aiman or we usually call him Usher
Iffah just im me today
Talking about him
He is going to leave Malaysia to pursue his studies in United States
A little bit sad
He's going quite sooner on 11 August
He became a tireless listener and driver I guess hahaha when he did not get what I'm talking about
Sob...sob...sob....... :-(
Hope to see you soon buddy
Dont forget my Coach
Your quest in Woodburry Common Premium Outlets in New York!
Find it hahaha....
I still cannot manage to complete the explicit instruction in the critical thinking class..
Still not start anylysing the article
when I reach the Akasia after counting the myriad shining stars on the sky
baru I start...hahahahahah


This kind of topic is hot today
Idk what to say actually but today
in the writing class I need to do about the essay of lining up to wait for something
It was a good activity actually as it can built up my writing and others.
In my notion
There are a lot I need to improve about the vocub the grammar
There's no time for me to play and resttttttttttttttttttt:(

My driving class

yesterday I had my driving class
It was sooooooo funny
The pak cik asked me to going up the hill
I need to start the engine again and again as I dont know how to hold the pedal
It was so exhausted....
and really fun

Anyway he called me from France again
He always do this..
whenever he's online
he prank me with his VC
and says CUAK the end he asks me to pick the vcall jugak
I said he's a little bit white now
Well duduk sana ennn : He said
Fine, hahaha having a busy week
I like your new wardrobe there.....fortunately you said : haa 600 for rent jugak kene bayar

Going back to Akasia bai


All of these S*** were excruciating me
I really tired last night
Too many things need to be settle down
It was sooo a tiring day last night

We went home together

Pity him being alone for this sem
I did'nt meant to do it
The worst part was when I need to understand this passages!
Involving a lot of America's Culture
With the Jewish and associated with the Holocaust also called Shoah
Thanks for giving me Free Fruit For the Young Widows

It is a nice story
but I still on my way to feel it deeply
Its about Etgar being baffles with the free fruit given by his father to Prof Tedler
Even though prof Tedler had beat his father badly in the Sinai Campaign 1956
I still crawl for the moral of the story and the truth insight of it:)